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High-Quality, Durable Construction:
 100% galvanised with a 10-year warranty, designed to European standards.

Cost-effective Solution: 
 Innovative and lightweight prefabricated structures reduce transport costs, require smaller foundations and have shorter assembly times.

Proven Track Record:
 Over 1,000 buildings designed, produced, and delivered in Africa since 1985, making Frisomat the go-to parnter for steel construction needs.

Experts with Industry-Specific Knowledge: 
Our experts help you create a customized solution that protects your assets and investment.

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Our product range

Width from 8 m to 60 m

Length from 9 m to 500 m

Height from 3 m to 15 m

Standard roof slopes of 5,71°, 10° & 22°

Many building options available

Our Work Speaks Volumes

Castel Group – Bralico Brewery

Pointe Noire, Congo Brazza
18.000 m²
Industrial Building

Frisomat’s top-quality galvanized steel sheds are the perfect solution for BRALICO Brewery’s growth, offering easy maintenance and assembly in combination with tailored designs that meet the specific requirements of this renowned African brewery and soft drink producer.