Agricultural building for potato storage

Senegal is a large potato producer and there is a real demand for insulated agricultural warehouses in the country. SERIC SUARL, a producer located in Saint-Louis, needed an agricultural building in order to store their products in a well-insulated structure and to carry out some specific operations (selecting, cleaning, weighing and packing). This project was assigned to Frisomat, a company specialised in agricultural warehouse construction and recognised for its European quality and its partnership with Tolsma, who delivered the equipment for the storage.


Potato storage, a matter for specialists

Frisomat’s experience demonstrated that this storage could be complex and requires a specific environment. SERIC SUARL wanted an agricultural building in order to store its crops in the right conditions. Generally, it´s about having the right temperature, good insulation and the right level of humidity to sell more and at a better price, even during the offseason. Based on these features specific to potato storage, Frisomat suggested and designed a project that meets the needs of the producer. In this case, the agricultural warehouse was built with 100mm sandwich panels, a layer of polyurethane and a specific ventilation system.


Design, development and assembly of prefabricated agricultural buildings

As a solution provider, Frisomat supports you from start to finish in the design, development and assembling of your agricultural warehouse. So that things run smoothly, SERIC SUARL needed an offseason building that measured 80m in length, 9m in height and two different connected areas of 25m in width. In addition to these four insulated storage rooms that are in the first building and can hold up to 500 tons of potatoes each, the second building is composed of an office, a reception area and a shipment area.

A Frisomat supervisor and a local assembly team built all the cold-formed and galvanised steel for this potato storage building in less than 2 months.


Location: Saint Louis, Senegal
Surface Area: 4000 m2

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