Frisomat strengthens customer relationships with three new buildings in Senegal

Carmeuse, a manufacturer of limestone and mineral-based products, provides mining, equipment, and engineering solutions to customers around the world. The company required maintenance, workshop, and canteen buildings for the construction of its new plant in Teranga, Senegal. Having been satisfied with Frisomat’s assembly and service in the past, Carmeuse opted to work with the company again.

Frisomat’s Innovative Assembly Methods

Frisomat was able to provide swift assembly of the three steel buildings; thanks to its unique Meccano system the process only took a few weeks. The first building measured 29 metres long by 5 metres high while the second two measured 17 metres by 3 metres.

Only a small foundation was needed, given the application of an innovative anchoring system as well as an overall lightweight structure, meaning that the customer saved time and money. Frisomat’s galvanised buildings are developed following Eurocode guidelines, therefore Carmeuse can rest easy knowing that the strong and durable buildings will last for decades and that maintenance cost over time will be minimal.

Frisomat builds brand loyalty

This project showcased Frisomat’s abilities to provide a quality durable building in record time and allowed the company to reinforce the positive customer relationship that it has with Carmeuse. The construction process was complication-free, and the customer was able to install the steel buildings with the help of a local team thanks to Frisomat’s innovative Meccano system and the detailed assembly plan that was provided. Frisomat is increasing ongoing customer relationships as Carmeuse plans to work with them on future projects. The company continues to build recognition and trust by supplying European quality to Africa and by supplying many steel buildings to Senegal.

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