Casamance is West-Africa’s fruit capital. This region in Senegal produces millions of tons of delicious exotic fruit every year. Our favorite has to be mango. So we were happy to join forces with Les Saveurs du Sud and build a steel industrial hall to house one of Africa’s largest fruit processing factories.

A 1.400 m² fruit processing steel building

Frisomat built two large, joined together, hangars, boasting a total surface area of over 1.400 square meters. Inside the steel industrial building, mango fruits are processed by specialized machinery and local African workers. The surrounding air is kept cool thanks to insulation panels in the walls, an integrated ventilation system and cleverly placed air vents.

Later on, we put up a third, smaller pre-engineered steel hangar of 300 square meters nearby to accommodate for offices.

Local economy boosted by Les Saveurs du Sud

Les Saveurs du Sud has a very noble ambition, making the fruit industry at the same time more professional and more humane. It buys mango’s from local farmers in Africa at a fair price, processes the fruit in Senegal and sells it off to local and international distributors.

The Senegalese company focuses heavily on social development and female emancipation in Africa, making this a project we are proud to be part of.


Client: Les Saveurs du Sud
Location: Casamance - Senegal
Surface Area: 1.400 m²

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