Customised Steel Maintenance Building and Offices

Terminal Vraquier is located in the harbour of Dakar, Senegal, and is part of the group Sea-Invest, one of the largest port operators in the handling of dry bulk goods. Sea-Invest has worked with Frisomat in the past on several buildings and during this time, they have  developed a good relationship with Frisomat. The operator required a steel building for maintenance of equipment such as trucks and bulldozers, which included a small warehouse and mezzanine floor for offices and changing rooms.

Frisomat adapts to harbour conditions

This project involved a high level of customisation that, given their experience, Frisomat was successfully able to undertake. The steel building required a special coating to protect it from rusting, considering its proximity to the sea. It was also built to resist high wind loads that are typical for harbours. Lastly, it stood out for its custom design, which will allow the installation of  an 8-ton overhead crane in the future.

The maintenance building is 15 meters wide by 77 meters long. Besides the metal sheeting for workshop,  Frisomat also supplied the sandwich panels which were used for the walls and ceiling of the offices and changing room. Frisomat adapted the distances between the frames so that the large trucks and bulldozers could easily enter and leave the building.  Several large sliding doors were also installed.

Deadline reached despite difficult circumstances 

In this specific case, the customer had a tight deadline, as he needed to move out of the building that he was currently renting. Though there were a number of setbacks that included lack of assembling equipment and a delay in getting a crane onsite, Frisomat successfully completed the maintenance building in under two months. The customer was very satisfied with the level of customisation and quality of the steel building.

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