Frisomat fulfils customer’s need for three large steel buildings in very little time

Dénia Holding Group, a subsidy of Groupe Holmarcom, produces a wide range of food products such as chips and dried fruit under the brand name Dénia Snacks. They entrusted Frisomat to build three steel buildings for their cashew nut processing plant located in Grand Bassam, in The Ivory Coast.

Larger Volume Requests

Dénia was searching for a supplier that could offer a larger volume of about 9000m² and given their experience, Frisomat could take on a project of this magnitude in a short amount of time. They also required a durable and long-lasting steel building that would have low maintenance costs. The customer did thorough price/quality analysis as well and opted for Frisomat.

One of the prefabricated steel buildings is used for cashew nut storage (77 meters long by 8 meters high), one for the treatment of cashew nuts (112.5 meters long by 8 meters high) and finally, a building for the production of bio-diesel using leftovers from the nuts (measuring 150 meters long by 8 meters high). The buildings were constructed one by one, partly with single sheeting and partly with sandwich panels for the offices.

Frisomat Assembly Times

Dénia was looking for a supplier that could work quickly and already knew of Frisomat’s reputation for speedy development and production. Frisomat delivered satisfactory results and in less than six months all three prefabricated buildings were assembled. The assembly process went smoothly because the construction was carried out by Frisomat’s partner, Emica. Emica offered the customer a turn-key solution so they could get their business up and running as quickly as possible. Last but not least, the customer is very happy with the fact that the steel buildings are helping to enhance their business image as well.

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