Frisomat satisfies customer’s needs for unique building in the food and beverage sector

A new customer chooses Frisomat’s galvanised building solutions for their distillery near Abidjan, in Ivory Coast, where liquor will be manufactured, bottled and stored.

Hygiene and Anti-Corrosion Requirements Needed for Distillery & Storage Building

This situation was unique in such a way that hygiene regulations and inspection were strict for this building type. Buildings used for the food and beverage sectors are often exposed to more harsh chemical cleaners and water, leading to corrosion. The customer needed to find the perfect solution that provided limited maintenance along with durability and resistance to corrosion. In other words, the customer wanted to optimize the cost-to-own. A galvanised building was the answer. Cost savings were also incurred due to the fact that anti-corrosive paint isn’t necessary with Frisomat’s galvanised buildings. Furthermore, the customer knew that this type of building provides an extremely long lifespan and after doing a price-quality comparison, they selected Frisomat to deliver the high-quality pre-fabricated building they needed.

The structure of the building is quite particular in such a way that the customer needed it to be a coupled building. The building measures 48 m wide by 70 m long and has different heights in order to optimize costs: the part which measures 7 metres high is used in the production process and storage of bottles, and the section which measures 11 metres high is used to store liquor in inox tanks. The customer was also looking for a lightweight structure as well as a light foundation which Frisomat was able to offer.

Assembly Made Simple with Frisomat’s Post Delivery Service

Frisomat provided the customer detailed assembly plans and drawings and made sure that open lines of communication were always maintained.  By doing so, the customer, working together with a local assembly team, was able to construct the complex building himself. The process turned out to be easier than expected and due to the customer’s overall satisfaction, he has ordered another building of about 3000 M².

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