Unique Specifications for an Elevated Building in Madagascar

Henri Fraise & Fils, a Frisomat partner, provides equipment to one of the largest nickel mines in the world, Ambatovy. This mine, located in Madagascar, required an elevated steel building in order to protect their processing equipment and machinery from strong weather conditions.

Special Steel Building Specifications

Frisomat’s well-experienced engineers had to take into consideration both local conditions as well as unique customer requests. Madagascar is an island of the coast of East Africa that can have considerably high winds and cyclones during the rainy season. Frisomat was entrusted to build a sturdy and robust structure which was reinforced to withstand those high winds.

Though the steel building was both standard and small in size (13 metres long by 4.5 metres high), it had to be installed on top of a steel frame and beams measuring 2 and a half meters high. This is uncommon, as most buildings have a concrete foundation underneath. Frisomat was able to satisfy this specification by providing a lightweight hinged foundation to sit on top of the steel frame and beams. Frisomat supplied a building with a steeper roof inclination, giving the customer more space in the centre of the elevated building.

Frisomat builds customer trust and loyalty     

Frisomat has a strong long-standing relationship with Henri Fraise & Fils, having supplied more than 10 steel buildings to the company over the years. They trust Frisomat to supply prefabricated buildings that are easy to assemble and long lasting. In this case, the building process was both swift and smooth and completed in under a week. The customer was completely satisfied with how the building turned out and they’ve asked Frisomat to help with another building project starting soon.

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