Energy storage system sheltered by Frisomat building in the DRC

Roof only steel building on largest solar power plant of Africa

Getting the largest fully offgrid solar power plant of Africa installed in the city of Manono, province of Tanganyika in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was an incredible engineering challenge. Nevertheless, Enerdeal – together with Congo Energy – successfully pulled it of for SNEL, Société Nationale d’Électricité, the end client.

Roof only steel building for battery storage

Given the remote location, harsh climatic conditions and extremely complex logistical constraints, the set up was nonetheless hard. Regardless, conditions were no different for our building that had to be installed. To shelter 3MWh of battery storage on site, SNEL ordered a 255 m² roof only steel building at Frisomat.

Open air steel building on power plant

SNEL desired the open air steel building to be highly qualitative, quickly assembled and calculated for solar panels on the roof. Designed and produced in and transported from Belgium, we assembled the building on site in the DRC within 3 weeks. Finishing off the project at record speed now enables the power plant to bring back light and energy to Manono – a city of 20,000 inhabitants.

We are more than proud to have partnered in this project.

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Client: Eurafrican Power Solutions
Location: Manono, Republic of Congo
Surface Area: 255 m²

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