Car showroom/workshop in Pointe-Noire

In Pointe Noire (Congo-Brazzaville ), the oil centre of the Republic of Congo and the largest deep sea port in the region, a local assembly team is assembling a car showroom/workshop for luxury cars. “The total surface area is almost 1,500 m²,” says the site manager. “We’ve been going for nearly three months, and the luxurious hall is almost finished now.” Discover in this video the comfort of working with cold rolled galvanised steel. And find out how this type of steel stands up to the salty climate.

Local team assembles 1,500 m² hall in 3 months’ time

In Pointe Noire, between the Avenue de l’aéroport and the Mutech Réseau, less than 1000m from the international airport, a car showroom/workshop for luxury cars is not an unnecessary luxury. Entrepreneurs like to drive around in style with such cars. Obviously, the showroom was to be operational as quickly as possible. Time is money in an economic metropolis like Pointe Noire. A local team assembled the entire workshop in less than 3 months. “All profiles were assembled in two days,” says the site manager. The showroom was up and running in no time.

Car showroom/workshop in Pointe Noire, the economic capital of Congo-Brazzaville

Serve the Congolese market. This is the purpose of the car showroom/workshop for luxury cars currently being assembled in Pointe Noire, the oil centre of the Republic of Congo. A local site manager and his team ensure the smooth progress of the project: “We like working with Frisomat. We have not had any problems with them.” And it is a collaboration that pays off. The 1,500 m² luxurious hall was completely finished in just three months.


Client: Africa Motors
Location: Pointe noire, Republic of Congo
Surface Area: 1.500 m²

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