Prefabricated warehouse including offices of 3,000 m²

Accra – capital of Ghana and home to football sensation Hearts of Oak – is the operating base of Promasidor. This Ghanaian dairy and beverage producer wanted to extend its distribution centre. Promasidor therefore invested in an additional storage space and offices with a total surface area of 3,000 m² to better distribute its products in Ghana and neighbouring countries. Space and speed were the key factors in the construction of their project. Discover in this video how Frisomat responded to the challenge with a 14 m high prefab steel hall with a free span of 52 m.

Promasidor orders extension distribution centre from Frisomat

Oil, gold and cocoa are the main sources of income for Ghana, but also its food industry is increasingly expanding. The growing business of Promasidor in Accra is a striking example. Their new prefabricated warehouse not only conforms to all food specific requirements, but is also optimally protected from the humid climate. A lightweight galvanised structure offers the right protection against sea corrosion.


Client: Promasidor
Location: Accra, Ghana
Surface Area: 3.000 m²

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