Production and storage hangars for the Barajii drink brand in Togo

In Burkina Faso, la Société Burkinabé des Filières Alimentaires (SBFA) produces and distributes the Barajii water and fruit juice brand. To allow it to continue to service the local market, the company needed a new production and storage hall. The bustling port city of Lomé, in neighbouring Togo, provided the home base for the project.

The two industrial halls were shipped in no time by Frisomat to the Port of Lomé. Thanks to Frisomat’s ingenious meccano principle, only 2 containers were needed for both halls (800 m²). This compactness in transport also provided SBFA with the cost-effective building solution it was looking for.

Drink production and storage hall in Togo

In Lomé, Togo, the local Barajii water and fruit juice brand is becoming increasingly popular. To cope with growing demand, it invested in a new production and storage hall. Frisomat delivered the steel buildings in no time through the local port. The savings in transport costs are re-invested by SBFA in the local market with its Barajii brand.


Client: Durabilis
Location: Togo, Burkina Faso
Surface Area: 800 m²

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