A 5.000 m² pasta factory for Africa Food Distribution Sarl

Africa Food Distribution (AFD), a Cameroonian distributor, only offers the best products to its clients. To maintain these standards, AFD ordered a new company building in Douala, Cameroon.

On the outskirts of Douala – next to the highway to Yaoundé – Frisomat built a 5.000 m² pasta factory. Here, pasta of the brands Bröli and Armanti are produced and stored. Due to the success of pasta brands Bröli and Armanti, Africa Food Distribution (AFD) was in need of a new distribution firm The hall will serve both as a production unit and a warehouse facility. With this multipurpose building AFD hopes to gain competitiveness on the agri-food market in Africa.


Client: Africa Food Distribution
Location: Douala, Cameroon
Surface Area: 5.000 m²

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