The Stem garage has now operated in Cotonou for more than 30 years. This local mechanic learnt, through his seriousness and his skills, how to develop and increase his clientele over the years, to the point of having difficulties in responding to such a great demand, for lack of space.

With 30 years of experience, it was time for this entrepreneur to expand his business by constructing a steel industrial building that would enable him to respond to the influx of people that he dealt with.

He therefore decided to use almost all of his land by constructing a steel warehouse across the width; 52 m wide by 40 m long and 7 m high.

But what company would be able to build him a steel garage of such a scope without middle poles, at a good price, and what’s more, on swampy land?

Undeniably, the choice fell on FRISOMAT, who has the capacity to construct steel buildings with scopes ranging up to 60 m without middle poles, but who also enable you to reduce foundation costs on this type of unstable land, thanks to their so-called lightweight structures.

The result being a warehouse of a daring simplicity, which enables him to triple his working capacity.

Détails du projet

Client: STEM Sarl
Location: Cotonou - Bénin
Surface Area: 2 080 m²

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