Frisomat constructs two couples buildings in Senegal to take the clients maintenance facilities to the next level.

This project was made for Sodevit Gecamines. The company is a Congolese-Senegalese joint venture that is specialised in mining. One of the main goals of Sodevit is supporting the development of the industry in Senegal. The building is 40m wide, 31m long and 13m heigh. Also, an overhead crane is attached to the building structure.

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Recommendations from our Customer

“I recommend choosing a durable, high quality building which has a long lifespan. This way you can rely on the building over the years and you won’t have any unexpected costs.”

“We could focus on our work and didn’t had to worry about the construction of the building.”

Protection from a rough environment

Since Sodevit has a lot of mining vehicles, they need a lot of maintenance on a regular basis. This used to be done outside, but with all the dust and the heat this was not an ideal situation. Each day, over 200 trucks are loaded with basalt which they get out of the quarry, so they need to make sure that the process always continues. This is very important in order to prevent that the supply chain is interrupted. They need to have a workshop where they can perform maintenance with ease and on fast basis on the mining vehicles and perform repairs in case of damages. The basalt quarry makes it a very dusty site, so they need to have a covered workshop to do all this work in a clean environment.

High durability, low maintenance

Frisomat has developed and produced two couples buildings made out of a galvanised structure so that the building has a long lifespan and low maintenance costs. For example, there is no need to repaint the structure with an anti-corrosive paint each couple of years. The overhead structure is reinforced so that an overhead crane could be installed on the buildings structure. This overhead crane is needed for lifting up parts of the mining vehicles. The building was assembled by one of Frisomat’s partners, to guarantee a smooth and fast assembly process.


Client: Sodevit-Gecamines Senegal
Location: Diak, Senegal
Surface Area: 1.240 sqm

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