A parking spot for mega mining trucks in Niger

In the heart of Niger’s driest area, the Sahara desert, several huge open uranium mines are brimming with activity. Mega trucks are constantly removing debris that are dug up by massive mining machines, ever deepening the mine hole.

Stowing away these monster trucks, is easier said than done. No regular building is large enough to house these giants. And if they are, they are certainly unprepared for the extreme dry circumstances in the Sahara desert.

Hall for parking and maintenance

Frisomat constructed a hall for storage and maintenance of these mega trucks. The hall spans a surface area of 500 square meters, plenty for all the trucks to be parked safely (21 m long, 25 m wide and 8,6 m high).

To make driving in and out easier, we’ve installed mega doors of 19 m across. Even the largest of mining trucks can move safely through this huge gap.

Finishing touches

The enormously large gate does not compromise the structural strength of the hall as a whole. It even has no impact on the insulation value of the building. Thanks to the large walllights in translucent plastics, almost no energy is needed to lighten up the interior of the hangar.


Client: BIA Overseas
Location: Nigeria
Surface Area: 500m²

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