Warehouse buildings and offices

Panamaz, the Real Estate Civil Society, acquired a piece of land in Le Lamentin, Martinique, to build a warehouse that will later be rented out. After having analysed the market, Panamaz decided to work with Frisomat, a company that specialises in the construction of steel structures, recognised for both its European quality and experience.


Multi-purpose warehouse buildings


Given the layout of the land, Panamaz decided to build a warehouse composed of two storage buildings measuring 6 meters high: the first being 20 meters wide and 45 meters long and the second one being 25 meters wide and 29 meters long. The company has entrusted this project to Frisomat, which optimised the space by creating a 160 m2 mezzanine for the offices, perfectly insulated with two 60 mm sandwich panels.


Bioclimatic Construction


Frisomat is well-recognised in the world of steel structure construction, as they use a cold galvanised production method, allowing customers to take advantage of a lower cost. At the same time, Frisomat was able to assemble and produce warehouse buildings which follow the seismic and cyclonic architectural standards of the island, as this is a very important factor to consider in Martinique.

Frisomat turned to a local company for help with the assembly of the warehouse. The five assemblers finished the construction of the warehouse buildings in three months, thanks to Frisomat’s simple and standardized system.

The client, Panamaz, was also satisfied with the result and hopes to work with Frisomat in other construction projects in the future.

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