Expansion of the Algerian National Airport by Frisomat

The Algerian Aeroport d’Alger is located 17 kilometers southwest of the capital Algiers. The airport is also known under its French name: Maison Blanche. It’s a four-star airport that processes six million passengers a year.

Three terminals in Frisomat steel

Frisomat was asked by the airport authority to build three steel terminals: two for passengers and one for freight. It needed to provide room for 24 airplanes at the same time.

This project required a very large pre-engineered steel building (PESB). Frisomat created an Astra prefabricated steel hall, measuring 60m long, with a roof span of 30m across. This allows for all visitors and passengers to walk through the steel hall unhindered.

Fast delivery, even on airport territory

Building on an airfield is always a challenging job, owing to the strict rules and regulations. Instead of leaving all this to the client, Frisomat takes on this responsibility itself.


Client: The Algerian Aeroport d’Alger
Location: Algiers - Algeria
Surface Area: 1.800 m²

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