A steel Frisomat Building

All our steel constructions are built using the same high-quality cold-rolled steel. This is no coincidence: we are convinced that our steel is the perfect compromise between minimum weight, maximum load-bearing capacity, optimum corrosion resistance plus aesthetic appearance. That is why we check every step in the production process closely.

The ore for our steel columns and purlins is melted in blast furnaces to produce pig iron, which is then converted in to steel of the exact composition we wish. Molten steel solidifies and is hot-rolled first and then cold-rolled into sheet steel of the desired thickness. We use thicker or thinner sheet depending on your building. Cold rolling enables thinner, lighter but extremely strong sections to be produced resulting in more cost-effective steel construction. All our steel complies with the particularly high S390GD+Z standard. This is stringently checked during the production process. The steel sections and sheet steel are dipped in zinc in order to protect them against corrosion. The result? A particularly strong steel construction that will last for years!

Looking for a high-quality steel construction?


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