Applying for a building permit?

You always need an urban planning permission in order to build your Frisomat hall. You apply at the municipal district where you wish to build. Enquire about building regulations at the same time so you are exactly aware of the conditions under which you will be allowed to erect a building. The good news: you don’t need to put the design of your unit on hold. Even better: with a completed design to hand the building application will be processed faster. Frisomat cannot apply for the building permit on your behalf. Nevertheless we will be happy to help you get one: in an architect for the layout plan of your unit. Frisomat will provide you at this stage with all the building plans, cross-sectional views and drawings your architect needs. Together with your architect you submit the application to the municipal authority. You will receive the approval for your project after about three months. Please contact Frisomat at once upon receipt of the approval. We will then start up production of your steel building at once. Do you have building plans but no permit? If so you it’s best you contact Frisomat first. We will be happy to advise you from the start.

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