Are Frisomat halls resistant to methane gases?

Yes they are. Methane gases are a real threat wherever many animals are gathered, so Frisomat has taken the necessary precautions.
No corrosion from animal droppings
The droppings from your cows, pigs and chicken are packed with aggressive chemicals that could easily damage the construction of any barn. Not with Frisomat. Your hall is made out of galvanized high-quality steel, which means a protective zinc layer sits between the steel and the corrosive droppings. They have no chance of affecting the structure.
No fire hazards indoors
Methane gases are highly flammable and could cause dry materials to self-combust. To avoid methane heaping up inside your hall, ventilation is crucial. Frisomat has many options to integrate a perfect system for your hall. On top of that, our sandwich panels are fireproof, should an accident occur.
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