Can Frisomat build an airplane hangar in my country?

Yes, we can build an airplane hangar anywhere you like.
International transport is our specialty
Frisomat only uses cold-rolled steel to build your aircraft hangar. This building technique is not only very strong and cost-efficient – it’s also by far the easiest technique in terms of transportation. Our steel columns, beams and panels can be shipped by regular freight, in open top containers, without special treatment. This is faster, cheaper and easier than most building materials.
We know local regulations for aircraft hangars
Especially on airports, building regulations are usually very strict. Height, strength, … everything is regulated into the smallest details. For us, that is not an issue. We gladly investigate local laws and rulings to make sure we abide by them when constructing your aircraft hangar.
Reference cases in over a hundred countries
Frisomat has built steel aircraft hangars on all continents, in over a hundred countries. That is an experience of nearly a thousand steel aircraft halls, guaranteeing yours will be built in the shortest possible time span, at the best possible cost.
Check out our reference cases >
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