Can Frisomat build an extra floor into my warehouse?

Yes. A Mezzanine is the smartest way to create extra floor space in your steel building. We use the same strong and lightweight steel for the stairs and beams of the mezzanine, ensuring its sturdiness.
Two floors in one building: double the floor space!
In your warehouse, it’s all about storage space. That means rows of high racks; maximizing the use of the provided space. But sometimes it’s useful to have a separate office space inside the building. Instead of building this at ground level (where your forklifts are driving), we raise it to three meters. There, your colleagues can take care of administrative tasks, while not getting in the way of your regular warehouse jobs.
Versatile and adjustable to your needs
The idea of a Frisomat mezzanine is simple enough: a steel staircase that leads to a plateau that is attached to the pillars and columns in the side walls of the building. But, as with all Frisomat components, you can make this mezzanine entirely your own. Wooden floor tiles? Done. Extra large or high windows in the side walls? Done. A second staircase? A slope? Everything is possible.
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