Can Frisomat build me a customized steel building?

Yes. And no. No, a customized building is not our business if it means you want to start from a blank canvas. Yes, we can customize to a very large degree, starting from our base models. We guarantee no other hall will look like yours.
Customization of standard steel buildings
The Frisomat principles are rather simple: we’ve pre-designed eight different hall types with certain characteristics, that we think are most useful for every application. This is based on our extensive knowledge, gathered in the past forty years.
These base models can however be customized to a very large degree. Size and color are yours to decide, as are height, orientation, access routes, … Gates, mezzanines, loading bays, doors and windows, insulation, ventilation, … The range of accessories is nearly infinite.
Cost-efficiency is crucial
This model of pre-design and pre-fabrication is a matter of cost-efficiency. It makes the design and production process so much faster and easier, you’ll end up saving up to thirty percent of your entire budget. Add this to the cost-savings that are made in transport and assembly, and your steel car workshop is a true bargain.
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