Can Frisomat handle the climate in my country?

Absolutely. Frisomat buildings are being used in the most extreme locations, ranging from mine sites or deserts in the hotness of Africa to rural coastal areas in the cold North. They all stay in mint condition, even after years.
Galvanized steel
Because we use galvanized steel, no corrosive force whatsoever can have any impact on your building. Salt? Sand? Water? It just brushes or washes off, leaving no marks on the steel. This galvanization process puts a protective zinc layer on top of the steel that makes your building perfect for any climate.
Wind bracing
In some areas, heavy winds can pose a real threat to the stability of any building. That’s why we always calculate every single centimetre of your hall, taking local conditions into account. Wind bracing in the side walls can add the desired strength. These bracings are invisible when covered with insulation or sandwich panels.
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