Can I leave the side walls of my steel hall open to the air?

Yes you can. The steel constructions by Frisomat depend only on the upright columns and beams for their strength. Side panels can easily be removed or replaced by a roll-up canvas. This allows the air to flow through your construction freely, making riding at your equestrian centre great.
Side panelling or not? Your call!
Most steel riding halls have at least two open side walls. But they don’t have to. It’s entirely possible to panel all walls and create a fully enclosed arena. In fact, options are countless: all open side walls or fully closed, even the panelling can be altered.
Windows and roof lights to let the light in
There are plenty of options to choose from when you want air and light to flow in your steel riding arena. You could opt for a ventilation system instead of open side walls. And with roof lights and large windows, natural light will be in abundance too. It’s really up to you to adjust the base steel hall model to your wishes.
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