Can I take down, move or store my unit?

Yes. Temporary buildings are meant to be taken down after a short period of time, only to be rebuilt somewhere else, and serve as a different type of hall. This makes your halls extremely durable and increases their value for money. Even temporary halls can last a lifetime.
Unique, meccano-like building process
Every component of your temporary steel hangar is pre-produced in our facilities before it is shipped to your building site. We use regular-sized containers to do this. Once on your site, the components fit together neatly, thanks to our unique building process that resembles the meccano-kits you remember from your childhood. Thanks to the same principles, taking down a temporary steel building is just as easy.
850 square meters of steel hangar in one container
The use of standard-sized components, makes our steel halls very compact when you want to stow them away. A steel covering of nearly one thousand square meters will take up less than one percent of this when folded together. You can place it anywhere, ready to be rebuilt when you need it to.
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