Do I have to prepare the site where my building is to be erected?

Yes, as with every building site, the land has to be prepared for Frisomat. This preparation involves levelling the site and filling it in with rubble (= substratum for concrete slab).

  • • The entire surface area of the building site must be accessible for a 4×2 lorry, whatever the weather conditions.
  • • The site must be levelled off with a maximum tolerance of 10 cm between the highest and the lowest point on the final surface, less the thickness of the hard bed that will be laid subsequently (= max. 25 cm). The entire surface area of the building must be levelled off, plus at least one metre all round.
  • • No hard bed should be laid beforehand (e.g. concrete, asphalt or similar), so that the holes needed for the prefab foundation can be dug with a spade.
  • • The entire surface area of the building site must be completely cleared, plus a minimum of one metre all around, at least up to the level of the building plus two metres.
  • • You must ensure that the site has the minimum load bearing capacity indicated in the survey report. The site must also be free of water and mud.
  • • Once the hangar has been erected, at least 0.75 m² of concrete must be poured around each foundation plinth in order to anchor the building properly.

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