Does Frisomat also offer a building kit?

Yes and no. All of our halls come packed with instructions to build the hall from start to finish. This can be done by a local team, with only a small and light crane to lift the roof beams and panels. Or we can send over a trained Frisomat crew to assist you with erection of the building.
Clear building instructions
Screwing a Frisomat steel hall in place, is just a matter of following the instruction manual, lining up the right holes and inserting our unique conical bolts. The structure will gradually support its own weight, allowing you to work fast and erect your building in less than a few weeks.
Support from our engineers
Of course our specialized teams are ready to talk you through any issue you and your team may encounter along the way. Even when a local team does the construction work on your building, Frisomat will guide you along the way, to a satisfying finish.

Looking for a high-quality steel construction?