How fast can Frisomat build my industrial steel building?

Very fast. Our entire process is tailored to combine quality with speed at the lowest possible cost. No matter where your building is being assembled.
Pre-fabrication in your area
All Frisomat steel components are of standard sizes and can be built without any delays in our own production facilities. We have three production sites, spread across the globe. They all work according to our tried and trusted processes and can guarantee a speedy delivery.
Transport by sea and regular truck
The main benefit of cold rolled steel is its weight. The lightness of the steel makes it easy to transport on barges, trains or regular road trucks. An 800 square meter hall will usually fit in just one open-top container. These can be shipped anywhere without issues.
Assembly by local teams
Years ago, Frisomat developed and patented a unique building system of pre-punched holes and conical bolts to hold your building in its place. This assembly process can easily be learned by your local building team, especially given the clear and thorough documentation provided by our engineers. This too, saves time.
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