How wide a door can I have in my hangar?

There is no limit on the width of your doors. You can make them as large as your side walls, without compromising the overall strength of your hall.
XXL steel sliding doors for aircraft hangars
The annoying thing when parking an airplane, is its wingspan. Even smaller planes have wide wings, making it nearly impossible to park them in a hall with standard-sized gates.
At Frisomat, your gates and doors are custom-sized, as is everything else in your building. We’ve built halls with sliding doors of up to 35 or 40 meters wide, allowing even very large planes to easily taxi in and out of the hangars.
High quality steel and easy assembly
The doors of your steel aircraft hangar are constructed in precisely the same way as every other component. They are made out of lightweight steel of the highest quality, pre-cut to measure in our production facilities.
Assembly of the extra large gates is as easy as assembling all other parts of the steel hangar. Thanks to the unique meccano-like assembly process, this can be done with a small local team and some light building gear.
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