Is my airplane hangar windproof and watertight?

Yes, wind bracings make sure even the strongest storms will not affect your construction.
Wind bracings for your steel aircraft hangar
Airports are large open plains where wind can sometimes be a real issue. Not for Frisomat steel hangars, though. Not only do we use strong anchoring to keep the construction firmly in place, we also apply a unique bind bracing technique to make sure the steel building acts as a flexible unity when confronted with strong forces. These bracings are nicely hidden between the steel side paneling and the insulation panels.
Watertight and clean inside your steel hangar
Our construction method guarantees all water (even torrential rains) is guided nicely towards the edge of the roof – even when you opt for a flat-roofed steel aircraft hangar. There, large steel gutters and water drains will guide the rainwater safely away from your construction.
On the inside, an anti-condensation film will keep your steel panels from dripping when temperature differences between inside and outside are large. This condensation water is also guided safely away from your equipment.
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