Is my indoor riding arena windproof and watertight?

Yes it is. Your building will provide shelter from rain and storm. All over the world, thousands of Frisomat steel halls prove their strength every day.
Wind bracings protect your structure
Your steel riding arena is a large building. It will probably measure over a thousand square meters, with a roof that is raised to seven or eight meters high. That is a nice surface for the wind to play with. And that’s why we’ve invented our own type of wind bracings to strengthen the beams and columns that make your hall stand upright. We’ve tested every single component in our specially designed lab, together with university experts, to make sure even the strongest gales will not disrupt the integrity of your structure.
Perfect protection from rain and snow
The entire reason for building a steel riding arena, is to keep riding even when the weather is bad outside. So naturally we take care of water tightness:

  • – Perfectly aligned steel roof paneling
  • – Gutters adjusted to the size of your roof
  • – Insulation to keep temperature at bay and avoid condensation

Even when you choose to leave one or more side walls open, we can guarantee dry circumstances indoor: canvas sheets can be rolled up and let down when necessary.
Interested in a steel covering for your riding school? Frisomat can help you >

Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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