Prepare your site to the last detail

We are proud of the fact that we can build on any foundation. Dry, marshy, hard, sandy, uneven, etc. None of these make any difference for our buildings. Nonetheless the foundation must be well prepared. You should do this before our erectors arrive on site, so you won’t waste a single second. Tips for preparing your foundation:

  • • Spread hardcore over the entire base area of the building (adding one metre all round). This will make it easier for us to lay the foundations for your hall. Ensure the difference in level between the highest and lowest point does not exceed ten centimetres. You must not lay any paving beforehand, as this will enable us to lay the prefabricated foundation easily.
  • • Our erectors have a 4×2 type truck which must be able to move around the entire construction site area, regardless of the weather conditions.
    You can also provide your own concrete foundation with a supplier of choice. If you do, please ask in advance for the exact dimensions and positions of the chemical anchors or expanding bolts. You also need to ensure that the site complies with the minimum load-bearing capacity quoted in the test boring (?) report. Furthermore the site must be free from water and mud.

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