What determines the price of a Frisomat building?

Frisomat has developed a number of standard buildings. The price varies depending on the concept and the type of building that the client requires. Each building is calculated individually, bearing in mind external factors such as the wind and snow conditions in your region.
As regards the actual construction, you can go over the following points yourself:

  • 1) the width of the hangar
    The main factor determining the price is the (free) span. The wider the hangar, the stronger the steel structure needs to be. This means wider columns, thicker steel and (depending on the type of building and the use to be made of it) a framework in the roof. The more steel is required, the higher the price.
  • 2) the length of the hangar
    The length of your hangar has less impact on the price as the span distance remains the same. For instance, it is often more economical to build in a rectangle rather than in a square. This results in the same number of square metres, but a smaller and therefore more advantageous span.
  • 3) the height of the hangar
    The height of the hangar is also a decisive factor when determining the price. The higher you build, the more steel is required. Moreover, a higher steel structure is also more subject to climate factors, which means that greater attention has to be paid to the strength of the structure.

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