What size will my workshop be? Can I extend it later?

Size is entirely your call. And, yes, you can extend your hall at any time.
Size of your steel hall
All of our pre-designed steel hall models have size varieties. They let you choose a span width and height within (very large) boundaries, and then give you the freedom to decide on the length of the hall. That is always unlimited. You could also join halls together, even if they are based on a different standard model. Size and shape are your call entirely.
Extension, removal and rebuilding of your steel hall
Let’s imagine your business doing great and growing too big for your steel workshop. Why would you move to a new location? Just open up the back wall and start adding extra panels and columns. That’s all you need to let your building grow with your success.
If you do want to move, your building isn’t lost. It can move with you: just tear it down according to the instructions and reuse all components on your new building site. You’ll be up and running again in no time.
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