What will it cost to build a steel hangar?

We like to call ourselves a low impact construction partner. This means we like to build your steel hangar with as little nuisance as possible, in the shortest possible timeframe.
Height and size matter
The lion’s share of the price of your steel building will be dependent on the size of it. Given the fact that we can build halls from just seven meters wide, up to a fifty, it’s easy to see prices will vary as well. The only thing that never changes is the quality of our steel. That is of the highest standards, no matter the size of your building.
Accessories aplenty
Agricultural buildings often require custom ventilation systems, roof lights, maybe even a mezzanine. These components can all be integrated in one go, when we are assembling the other parts of your building. By combining activities, total costs are lowered.
Ingenious processes, perfected over the years
Frisomat has been building steel hangars all over the world for a little over forty years. In this period, we’ve always redesigned and perfected our processes to make sure time and money is never lost along the way.
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