Will my warehouse withstand all weathers?

Yes it will. Thanks to both the ingenious design and the quality of the base materials, your steel hangar is equipped to deal with any weather condition.
Hail and snow? No problem!
Depending on the area where your project will be built, you can have to deal with extreme cold, accompanied with hail and snow storms. For a Frisomat building, that is no problem. The roof slopes are designed to keep snow from piling up too high and compromising the strength of the construction. And hail can’t even scratch the surface of your hall thanks to the thick galvanization layer on top.
Heat and draught? No issue at all!
The other extreme is possible too: very hot weather, no rain and storms that bring Sahara-sand to your construction site. The galvanization layer does its job here too, keeping the surface free from erosion and corrosion.
Wind? All taken care of!
The main danger to any large construction, is wind. Especially when you’re dealing with a large span. But Frisomat has tackled that problem by creating wind bracings that are fitted invisibly between the outside and inside paneling of your hangar. These steel beams keep your construction firmly in place at all times.
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