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Can I integrate a feeding distribution system in my hangar?

Yes. Feeding and supplying water to your animals is a crucial but time-consuming task. Automating it, frees up a massive amount of time for you to spend on other things. Extra strength included Of course we’ve done all the necessary calculations to make sure the steel construction of your hangar is strong enough for your […]

What type of agricultural buildings does Frisomat offer?

At Frisomat we are specialized in grain storage buildings, chicken farms, potatostorage, pig farms, cow stables, vegetable storage. Get in touch with Frisomat >

Is it possible to provide a cold room in my steel warehouse?

Yes. We can insulate your steel walls to an extreme degree, using thick sandwich panels that we create ourselves. They are custom-made to fit your hall so not a centimeter of steel is left exposed. Keep your goods and plants fresh On a farm like yours, products have to stay fresh. Thanks to a cold […]

What will it cost to build a steel hangar?

We like to call ourselves a low impact construction partner. This means we like to build your steel hangar with as little nuisance as possible, in the shortest possible timeframe. Height and size matter The lion’s share of the price of your steel building will be dependent on the size of it. Given the fact […]

Can Frisomat build a breeding farm in my country?

Yes we can. There is no climate or area unsuitable for a steel Frisomat breeding farm hall. Protection against the elements The steel walls and roof panels keep your animals safe from harm. But what protects the hall itself? Frisomat incorporates a series of protective measures in each hall to keep it strong, even when […]

Are the Frisomat breeding farm hangars easy to clean and maintain?

Yes they are. Your animals require a clean and healthy environment, so rinsing walls and floors on a daily basis is a necessity, not a luxury. That’s why we make sure the inside paneling of your hall creates an entirely flat surface. Sandwich panels: tucked away between steel panels When using sandwich panels for insulation, […]

Are Frisomat halls resistant to methane gases?

Yes they are. Methane gases are a real threat wherever many animals are gathered, so Frisomat has taken the necessary precautions. No corrosion from animal droppings The droppings from your cows, pigs and chicken are packed with aggressive chemicals that could easily damage the construction of any barn. Not with Frisomat. Your hall is made […]


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