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Do I have to prepare the site where my building is to be erected?

Yes, as with every building site, the land has to be prepared for Frisomat. This preparation involves levelling the site and filling it in with rubble (= substratum for concrete slab). • The entire surface area of the building site must be accessible for a 4×2 lorry, whatever the weather conditions. • The site must […]

Is my airplane hangar windproof and watertight?

Yes, wind bracings make sure even the strongest storms will not affect your construction. Wind bracings for your steel aircraft hangar Airports are large open plains where wind can sometimes be a real issue. Not for Frisomat steel hangars, though. Not only do we use strong anchoring to keep the construction firmly in place, we […]

What are the requirements for the building site terrain?

Frisomat steel hangars can be built almost anywhere. A level surface with some minimal preparatory foundation work is enough. Minimal foundations You can prepare the foundations yourself, or have Frisomat create them on the first day. Usually, concrete blocks with steel anchors are sufficient. But a large concrete plinth is also possible. Our engineers will […]

Does Frisomat also provide building kits or self-build packages?

Frisomat preferably (depending on the country – only) provides its buildings fully delivered and erected. Our technicians have benefited from thorough training and have several years of experience. We want you to be satisfied with your Frisomat hangar, and this is why we erect the structure ourselves. It is, however, possible to order loose materials […]

What accessories does Frisomat offer?

The galvanised sheeting of our hangars is available in a range of colours. You can also personalise your hangar using our accessories: – windows – doors (man doors, emergency exits) – (sectional) doors – smoke outlets in the roof – mezzanine or entresol – partition wall – central light strip – insulation (Alkreflex®, glass fibre, […]

Does Frisomat also offer a building kit?

Yes and no. All of our halls come packed with instructions to build the hall from start to finish. This can be done by a local team, with only a small and light crane to lift the roof beams and panels. Or we can send over a trained Frisomat crew to assist you with erection […]

Can my Frisomat hangar be repaired?

Frisomat takes total responsibility for the production of your hangar. We have all the raw materials needed for hangar. So do not hesitate to request a quotation without any obligation to have your hangar repaired or its appearance restored. You can also do up your hangar yourself by ordering the materials you need and collecting […]

What determines the price of a Frisomat building?

Frisomat has developed a number of standard buildings. The price varies depending on the concept and the type of building that the client requires. Each building is calculated individually, bearing in mind external factors such as the wind and snow conditions in your region. As regards the actual construction, you can go over the following […]

A steel Frisomat Building

All our steel constructions are built using the same high-quality cold-rolled steel. This is no coincidence: we are convinced that our steel is the perfect compromise between minimum weight, maximum load-bearing capacity, optimum corrosion resistance plus aesthetic appearance. That is why we check every step in the production process closely. The ore for our steel […]

Is it possible to leave the surrounding walls open?

Of course. If you wish, it is perfectly possible for us to install the steel structure and leave the surrounding walls open. You can then enclose the building at any time.

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