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Is the assembly process easy?

Yes. The Frisomat assembly process is a unique, patented and award-winning system that allows a small team with light building equipment to put up a building at record speed. Lightweight steel, simple foundation Frisomat steel buildings only require a level surface and concrete foundation blocks. No further preparation is needed. Building can be done using […]

Can Frisomat install an upper storey?

Frisomat does not provide upper storeys (willen we dit zo expliciet communiceren?). If you want to create extra room in the hangar, then it is possible to install an industrial entresol or mezzanine, which is supported every four metres by a column on the ground floor. This virtually doubles the available space. The entresol has […]

How can I insulate my steel showroom?

There are various ways to insulate your steel hall and keep indoor conditions nice for your products and your customers. Whatever solution you choose, Frisomat guarantees top quality parts and products, and a perfect installation thanks to our made-to-measure policy for accessories. Rockwool or Sandwich Panels? You decide Sometimes a simple Rockwool layer between the […]

Do I need a building permit?

Yes, an urban development permit is required for all of our hangars. First of all, you need to find out from the commune the building regulations that apply to your construction.

Prepare your site to the last detail

We are proud of the fact that we can build on any foundation. Dry, marshy, hard, sandy, uneven, etc. None of these make any difference for our buildings. Nonetheless the foundation must be well prepared. You should do this before our erectors arrive on site, so you won’t waste a single second. Tips for preparing […]

Can I take down, move or store my unit?

Yes. Temporary buildings are meant to be taken down after a short period of time, only to be rebuilt somewhere else, and serve as a different type of hall. This makes your halls extremely durable and increases their value for money. Even temporary halls can last a lifetime. Unique, meccano-like building process Every component of […]

Applying for a building permit?

You always need an urban planning permission in order to build your Frisomat hall. You apply at the municipal district where you wish to build. Enquire about building regulations at the same time so you are exactly aware of the conditions under which you will be allowed to erect a building. The good news: you […]

What happens when I have sent my request via the website?

You can request a free quotation via our website. We then contact you by telephone to go through your project together. If Frisomat is considered eligible for the construction of your project, then we send you a customised basic quotation. If this quotation is acceptable, then you can contact us again for more information or […]

Does Frisomat take care of the building permit?

No. You have to submit the official building permit to the commune in which you wish to build. The planning application submission procedure is as follows: • You receive detailed building plans from Frisomat • You hire an architect who draws up the location plan • Together with your architect, you submit the documents (Frisomat […]

Is it possible to extend a Frisomat building?

Of course. It is always possible to extend your hangar in line with your needs and wishes. Your hangar can easily be lengthened. If you wish to widen it, then another hangar (which may or may not be identical) can be attached to your existing building.


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