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Can Frisomat build a recycling building in my country?

Yes. Frisomat is a truly international company with over a thousand references in more than one hundred countries. Your project can easily be the next one on that list. Experience with international processes Over the past forty years, we’ve had the time and opportunity to sharpen our production and transport processes to make them near […]

Can Frisomat build an extra floor into my warehouse?

Yes we can. A for the recycling industry often incorporates more than one task within its walls. For Frisomat, that is not a problem at all. A second floor can be added with ease. Steel mezzanine for a second floor in your recycling warehouse A steel mezzanine is a smart and elegant solution for creating […]

What will it cost to build a steel workshop?

Cost-efficiency in steel production, transport and assembly Our building process has been perfected over the past four decades. We can confidently say there is no link in our supply chain that leads to unnecessary costs. On the contrary: – Pre-design reduces fabrication costs. – Pre-fabrication reduces production time. – Lightweight steel reduces shipping costs and […]

What size should I make the covering for my equestrian arena?

The size of your steel construction depends entirely on your whishes and preferences. You can make the hall as large as you like, and even extend it further in the future. We will gladly advise you and show examples of previous projects to help you through the design process. Size matters in your steel riding […]

Can Frisomat build a car workshop in my country?

Yes we can. We have built steel car dealerships and workshops in over a hundred different countries worldwide. Probably in yours too. If not, we’ll happily explore the ins and outs of it with you. Experience in steel buildings worldwide Frisomat has been exporting steel buildings to all corners of the world since the late […]

How quickly can Frisomat build my workshop?

Very quickly. No matter where you want to build, or how large your steel workshop needs to be, we can make things happen very fast. And there are good reasons to support this claim. Pre-fabrication is the key to speed Your steel building will consist entirely of pre-cut and pre-forged steel parts that have been […]

Can I extend my recycling hall after it has been built?

Yes you can. You can make your building as long as you want, adding segments when you need them. The overall stability of your hall will never be compromised by these additions. Unlimited length of your steel hangar We never talk about a maximum floor space for any of our steel buildings. That’s because they […]

What size will my workshop be? Can I extend it later?

Size is entirely your call. And, yes, you can extend your hall at any time. Size of your steel hall All of our pre-designed steel hall models have size varieties. They let you choose a span width and height within (very large) boundaries, and then give you the freedom to decide on the length of […]

How can I personalize my office to my needs?

There is no limit on the amount of personalization possible in your office building. From size to accessories, you’re in the driver’s seat. Size matters in your steel office building Our pre-engineered steel office buildings do have limitations on size and shape. But the freedom between the smallest and the largest version is immense. We […]

Can Frisomat build a showroom in my country?

Yes we can. We have built steel buildings in dozens of countries, spread across the entire world. Your project will be a nice addition to that list. Taking care of local regulations Every municipality, city, region and country applies its own set of rules and regulations for the building industry. We know these can seriously […]

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