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Can Frisomat build a car workshop in my country?

Yes we can. We have built steel car dealerships and workshops in over a hundred different countries worldwide. Probably in yours too. If not, we’ll happily explore the ins and outs of it with you. Experience in steel buildings worldwide Frisomat has been exporting steel buildings to all corners of the world since the late […]

Can Frisomat build a showroom in my country?

Yes we can. We have built steel buildings in dozens of countries, spread across the entire world. Your project will be a nice addition to that list. Taking care of local regulations Every municipality, city, region and country applies its own set of rules and regulations for the building industry. We know these can seriously […]

What is the price for renting a hangar? (nog steeds in de aanbieding?)

You can rent our smallest steel units for as little as six months at standard rates. For larger units, a minimum rental period of one year is required. We can however create a renting agreement that specifically suits your needs, should you require a shorter renting period for a large unit. Transport, assembly and disassembly […]

Can I integrate an office in my steel building?

Yes. Most office spaces created by Frisomat are only part of the entire building complex. Thanks to our meccano-like assembly process, you have absolute freedom on your hand. Mezzanines are perfect for office space Many warehouses require only five meter high storage racks. Yet your hall can have a raised roof up to seven or […]

Can my steel warehouse for vehicles withstand all weathers?

Of course. We’ve especially designed our buildings to make them all-weather resistant. Cold, rain, hail, wind, … nothing will affect the integrity of your steel structure. Your steel car workshop stays always upright Heavy winds and gale storms are the most threatening of weather conditions for any building. Our lightweight steel halls are perfectly equipped […]

Will my warehouse withstand all weathers?

Yes it will. Thanks to both the ingenious design and the quality of the base materials, your steel hangar is equipped to deal with any weather condition. Hail and snow? No problem! Depending on the area where your project will be built, you can have to deal with extreme cold, accompanied with hail and snow […]

Will my Frisomat building require special maintenance?

No. Cleaning and maintaining your steel building is easy and straightforward. No special products or cleaning methods required. You can focus on your customer’s cars instead of on your building. Galvanization keeps rust away The main issue with any structure is corrosion. Wind, sand, salt, hail, … they can all damage surfaces. Not on your […]

Can Frisomat build a warehouse in my country?

Sure, we’ve built thousands of buildings in over a hundred countries. We’re on every continent. Chances are your country is somewhere on this list of reference cases. Export is in our DNA Right from the beginning, we’ve started exporting our buildings. First to our neighboring countries, later to South America, Africa and Russia. This experience […]

Can Frisomat build a workshop in my country?

We can. We probably have already. With over a thousand reference cases in 110 countries, chances are a steel workshop by Frisomat is already in use not too far from your building site. We always work internationally Even though our headquarters are in Antwerp, Belgium, the vast majority of our buildings are put up in […]

What will it cost to build a steel workshop?

Cost-efficiency in steel production, transport and assembly Our building process has been perfected over the past four decades. We can confidently say there is no link in our supply chain that leads to unnecessary costs. On the contrary: – Pre-design reduces fabrication costs. – Pre-fabrication reduces production time. – Lightweight steel reduces shipping costs and […]

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