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With 40 years of innovation and growth under its belt, Frisomat has one eye on the past and the other on the future.

«Our plan is to continue our expansion as an international industrial constructor from our base in Belgium»

A curved steel unit and a generous helping of entrepreneurial spirit and nerve; that was all Guy Somers needed to successfully launch Frisomat as an industrial construction company exactly 40 years ago. The curved prefab building that he brought to the market in 1978 quickly became part of the Belgian landscape and proved to be just as popular abroad, where it sold like hot cakes. Continuous innovation then produced an increasingly creative series of building types. And the company soon experienced growth on an international level as well, adding production units in three countries and opening branches in 14 locations worldwide. “It’s wonderful to celebrate a birthday like this, where we can look back on 40 years already,” explains company founder Guy Somers, “but we are just as enthusiastic about investing in the next 40 years.”

Frisomat 40 ans d'innovation et de croissanceFrisomat 40 ans d'innovation et de croissance

From a curved prefab building to ‘We shelter your business’

A simple design with a standardised production process that can be assembled quickly. This is more than just an unrivalled formula for the success of Frisomat’s curved prefab building; it is also the unbreakable promise that sets the company apart from its competitors, then and now. “We are the only international constructor of steel buildings to cover the complete process; from R&D, design and in-house production of all components through to transport, assembly and after-sales service for our industrial buildings,” adds CEO Kris Oorts. “That is something unique.” Of course, that isn’t the end of the story.

Nowadays, Frisomat guarantees solutions that are customised to customers’ requirements, sheltering their operations and protecting their investment. “Our expertise is founded on 40 years of experience,” says Oorts. “Whether we are providing a production building, an aircraft hangar or an agricultural shed, customers can rely on our extensive in-house knowledge.”

Frisomat-40-ans-dinnovation-et-de-croissanceFrisomat 40 ans d'innovation et de croissance

From a one-man operation to an international group

“Unlike the early days, when I ran Frisomat on my own, I can now count on the knowledge and enthusiasm of an international team of 450 employees. And my children are also 100% behind the project,” adds Somers. “These days, the operation to sell our construction solutions around the world has a real family feeling.”

“And our people are our greatest strength,” according to Oorts. “They feel at home in the family business that Guy founded in 1978.” Even though Frisomat has grown hugely since then, the company’s success is still rooted in building and maintaining sustainable relationships. “Between our colleagues around the world and with our customers and suppliers on an international basis.”

Frisomat 40 ans d'innovation et de croissance

40 years of innovation and growth

Frisomat is now 40 years old. “A birthday like this makes you stop and take stock,” says Somers. “When I look back, I see 40 years of growth and innovation driven by hard work. But I’m just as confident that this will be the scenario at Frisomat for the next 40 years as well.”

“And our history of success will drive us to do even better in the future,” adds Oorts. “Our goal is to continue our expansion as an international industrial constructor from our base in Belgium. Here at Frisomat, we’re looking forward to the next 40 years already!”