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    Steel industrial buildings

    Why should you use steel to construct your industrial building? Steel is more suitable than concrete. And Frisomat only uses cold-formed and galvanised steel.

    As an industrial company, choosing the material for the structure of your industrial building is only the first step, as everyone has their own specific construction requirements.

    Cost-efficient industrial building using steel

    Do you want an industrial building that is both cost-efficient and quick? Frisomat constructs budget-friendly steel industrial buildings that are suitable for any production or processing site; with or without office space. Our industrial buildings feature free spans of up to 60 metres, side walls in varying heights, and no restrictions on length.

    Pre-engineered, top-quality steel industrial building

    Or would you prefer a pre-engineered, top-quality industrial building using steel? We will consult with you, draw up plans and propose a prefab industrial building that meets all your requirements – from (fire) doors and crane bridges to mezzanine floors.

    Why choose Frisomat for your industrial building?


    Whether you operate in Moscow, Marseilles or Montevideo, you can always count on us, wherever you are. We can construct your steel building anywhere in the world, from Africa and Europe to Asia and North and South America.


    Fast and safe. We deliver and assemble all the material for your industrial building in no time. But safety is still our priority and our employees have years of experience in assembling steel industrial buildings.


    Whether you have big dreams or want to start small, Frisomat is with you every step of the way. Expanding our steel structures for industrial buildings is quick and easy.


    What you want goes. As an industrial company, you have specific requirements, which guide our response, so your industrial building is tailored to your industrial operations.

    How do you choose a steel industrial building for your application?

    At Frisomat, our track record includes constructing hundreds of steel industrial buildings, including warehouses and production buildings.

    • Steel buildings for the chemical industry. Tailored to the safety standards in the chemical sector. Safe and in accordance with the specifications of our fitters.
    • Recycling building in steel. Sturdy yet light. Plenty of space for sorting and processing waste products. With room to park your trucks, forklifts and dumpers safely undercover.
    • Bulk storage, such as sand, gravel or construction waste. Finished to your requirements; whether you want a wider access door, raising on concrete blocks or an open side.
    • Showrooms and workshops. The quick and reliable route to having your ideal professional site in an industrial park.
    • Aircraft hangars. Keep your plane or helicopter safely undercover, with an extremely inventive port system.
    • Temporary buildings. Erected in no time for protection against wind and weather, all with excellent value for money. And easy to recycle and relocate a few years down the line.


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