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    What is the actual price of constructing a steel warehouse or storage building?

    If you want to have a storage depot, storage hangar or warehouse constructed in steel, then the price of that kind of industrial building is closely linked to the dimensions and finish. Each sector has its own requirements and wishes, so we calculate the price separately for each individual steel construction.

    What are the important factors for the price of your steel warehouse?

    • The finish you want for your warehouse

    Any steel warehouse from Frisomat will be a spacious, practical and stable industrial building. But if you want to extend it to suit your needs – with a mezzanine, for example – then Frisomat is happy to discuss the additional options with you. Gates, for example, or doors, windows and insulation elements. If you pay close attention to elements like these, then you will get a clear idea of the total price.

    • The future use of your warehouse

    A steel warehouse can fulfil a range of functions and be used for a variety of applications. You should think these through properly in advance, as they play an important part in determining the features and technical requirements for the building. The height, the area and the options for your steel warehouse all affect the final invoice. Creating a complete inventory of everything that is required avoids unforeseen amendments in the future, which will also save money.

    • The location of your warehouse

    The subsoil and the area where you want to build can determine the construction requirements for your steel warehouse. The foundations and stability of constructions in earthquake-prone areas require more attention, for example. Frisomat has constructed warehouses all over the world; we know exactly what is necessary to create sturdy buildings on all kinds of subsoil and in all types of geographical area.

    • The steel required for your warehouse

    The amount you need to invest in a steel storage facility depends significantly on how much steel it uses. And the primary factor here is the width, height and roof pitch of your steel storage depot. A gable roof, for example, uses less steel, which is better for your budget.

    Always an attractive price for your steel warehouse

    Frisomat will always give you an attractive price for your steel warehouse:

    • You choose an efficient solution, then we construct your storage location with a special production and assembly system that minimises the requirement for steel, transport and man hours.
    • You are protected against unexpected costs for your warehouse in the margins of your construction project, as Frisomat ensures that construction obstacles are kept to a minimum.
    • You gain valuable time, as the Frisomat assembly system guarantees fast delivery.
    • You gain space, as you have the option of integrating a mezzanine or office space into your building.

    Balanced price and quality

    Although the price of your steel warehouse is one of the most important factors in your decision, we advise you not to focus exclusively on that aspect. Remember to consider delivery and assembly times, the quality of materials, and the features you want in your building.

    Make sure that your steel depot is compatible with what you want it to achieve, that it has the correct surface area and – definitely worth remembering – that it is weatherproof. If you choose an experienced constructor of steel warehouses like Frisomat, then you can be sure of that at all times.


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