Chicken Farms

A poultry house where animals are protected and able to grow in the best circumstances.

The best choice for your poultry house

Building your poultry houses, whether it is a breeder, layer or broiler, is something you prefer to leave in the hands of an expert. It requires understanding of the specific, demanding conditions to ensure a trouble-free construction. This is exactly what Frisomat can offer you.

As a manufacturer and constructor of buildings in cold-formed steel, we are constantly optimizing our building solutions to adapt to the requirements of your dynamic business.

Our references are the proof!

Chicken Farms

Your benefits at a glance
  • Free span up to 60 m and various sidewall heights
  • Flat or roof pitch of 10° or 22°
  • Controlled temperature thanks to different types of insulation
  • Designed to be equipped with energy efficient ventilation technology
  • Seamless integration with the latest poultry technology
  • Durable, maintenance free side walls to protect the panels
  • Easy relocation, adaptation and extension

Looking to build a chicken farm?