Storage buildings

Need a shelter for your sports & leisure equipment? Frisomat offers the solution.

The best choice for your storage needs

ULM’s, hay or sports & leisure equipment: their storage requires a great deal of space. We will therefore build your storage as large as you like. Your sports & leisure building maximizes the use of inside space, and comes with many options such as XL-doors, insulation & ventilation and mezzanines. Your steel buildings can even be extended years after the original building date. They will be put up in light speed and will last for many decades.

Storage buildings

Your benefits at a glance
  • Free span up to 60 m and various sidewall heights
  • Flat or round or roof pitch of 10° or 22°
  • Various solutions to allow natural light inside your building
  • Possibility to integrate ventilation systems
  • Climate control thanks to different types of insulation
  • Possibility to integrate mezzanines, crane bridges, solar panels
  • Easy relocation, adaptation and extension

Looking to build a storage building?