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Focus on montage Frisomat

Smooth assembly thanks to experienced Frisomat worker

At Frisomat, we like to say we know you. We know you search(ed) for a solution that perfectly suits your needs. One that does not only shelter your activities, but your investment as well.

That’s exactly why we are your reliable building partner. Also on site.


Smooth assembly overseen by Frisomat

Frisomat oversees all production, shipping ánd assembly. When assembly of your pre-engineered steel industrial building is happening, an experienced Frisomat assembly worker is available on site as a coach and guide to ensure a perfect finish. We engage and optimally coordinate local assembly teams to make the building process run even faster. This way, it only takes weeks to build your pre-engineered steel building.

Through fast assembly and a rigorous quality control on site, we always ensure a smooth and carefree project cycle. The continuity or start-up of your business is our priority.


Reliable building partner

We’ve been building in Africa for forty years. Our pre-engineered steel halls serve our clients over the entire continent, from Algeria in the north, to South Africa and Mozambique in the south. We’ve already built chemical plants, breweries, airport facilities, warehouses, … Frisomat steel industrial buildings can be found in over thirty different African countries.

We always make sure all necessary documents and forms are in order before we start building. It’s a part of our service. This will keep your steel building project on track and allow your assembly on site to always go as planned.